Batterers Intervention Program (BIP) Classes
Satisfy your Batterers Intervention Program court order using our highly advanced, most up to date, self paced professional program. BIP is in a "IN-PERSON group setting class" and follows the approved Duluth Method standards to insure quality treatment leading to the elimination of battery and abuse. Our classroom style, live, group sessions will save you time and money along with our available flexible scheduling.

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Classes Are Provided By Court Ordered Classes "LIVE GROUP" Programs

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Court Ordered Programs technologically advanced “live group meeting” software allows course instructors to have classroom style group sessions with participants from all over the nation (students from Los Angeles, New York, Alaska, Hawaii and so on) to teach and collect in-debt information, while bringing a multitude of diverse cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles and other differences, together for one common cause. This “live group meeting” adheres to and surpasses all State standards and laws regarding Domestic Violence and Batterers Intervention Programs. Court Offenders can find more information about our Domestic Violence Program including our Program Curriculum, Referrals and secure Registration through our Distance Learning School.