Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes
These classes are for court ordered drug awareness, alcohol awareness, or both. When the defendant successfully completes his/her classes and stays out of trouble, the original charge is dismissed. The benefit our client is a clean record and the freedom to get on with their life. Counselors will work collaboratively with clients to identify their readiness to make changes in their alcohol and drug use. In addition, counselors will help clients identify healthier coping strategies to replace the use of alcohol and drugs. Working together toward the goal of lowering health risks by disengaging from harmful behaviors. Live "IN-PERSON" Online Drug and Alcohol Group treatment can help clients know that they are not alone in their struggles with alcohol and drug abuse. It is a setting for giving and receiving support and feedback about what skills and tools have been effective. Drug and Alcohol Assessments are also available.

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Classes Are Provided By Court Ordered Classes "LIVE GROUP" Programs

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Court Ordered Programs technologically advanced “live group meeting” software allows course instructors to have classroom style group sessions with participants from all over the nation (students from Los Angeles, New York, Alaska, Hawaii and so on) to teach and collect in-debt information, while bringing a multitude of diverse cultures, backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles and other differences, together for one common cause. This “live group meeting” adheres to and surpasses all State standards and laws regarding Drug & Alcohol Awareness Programs. Court Offenders can find more information about our Drug & Alcohol Awareness Programs including our Program Curriculum, Referrals and secure Registration through our Distance Learning School.